Friday, August 07, 2009

"A peeg in a crocheted hat"

So anyone who reads this blog instead of just looking at the hotties and the cuties knows I'm on teh Cute twice a day for years - yes it' an OCD thing - so I just had to snag this faux vintage photo Meg posted today:

I love the vintage photo effect - the expression is spot on, plus fun & funy. Most emotive peeg evah. Go. Check 'em all out, then head back.

So, now that you have enjoyed that, why not tell me this...

Here we see an masculine and attractive Argentinian gentleman on his boat, pipe and hat in place. But then when one looks closer you just have to wonder... what is up with that guy on the lower left? Is he tied around that...or, passed out?..on..what is that? What's going on here?